Yin Yang Bra Top - Back Side - Courage My Love
Yin Yang Bra Top
May 24, 2016
Badass Bunnies Bra Top - Back Side - Courage My Love
Badass Bunnies Bra Top
May 24, 2016
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Luscious Leopard Bra Top - Back Side - Courage My Love

Luscious Leopard Bra Top

US$54.32 US$13.75

  • Moisture wicking & breathable fabric
  • No shrink, no fade, no pill
  • Printed labels guaranteed to last
  • Real art by commissioned artists
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing & zero waste printing
  • Individually handmade = no mass production

A stylish and modest, high support, fashionable top made with silky moisture wicking fabric. Our high cut front provides modesty for the active woman while low cut armholes allow flesh to move freely without pinching. The cutaway backs offer a full range of motion for the shoulder blades. These tops are great for all bust sizes and are ideal for the fuller figured chest. Bra Top outers are individually hand cut and printed with artwork by our artists in residence. The linings are 2-way stretch soft touch fabric to provide additional support and comfort. We are proud of our zero waste, environmentally sustainable printing practices and we guarantee our workmanship. Bra Tops won’t shrink, pill or fade. Mix and match your Bra Top with our Legskin Tights.

THE “LUSCIOUS LEOPARD” ARTISTS STORY – Spray paint and stencils

I was fortunate enough to spend three months in Taipei, Taiwan where I immersed myself in a new culture, lifestyle and way of life. Drawing form the intensity and the beauty I was surrounded by, I worked solidly to create a new body of work, inspired by the nations’ rich diversity of native flora and fauna. This piece featuring Taiwan’s endemic Clouded Leopard, which is now sadly extinct, exists on the streets of Taipei. My intention was to create a series of these public artworks within Taipei’s urban landscapes, to act as a contrast but also as a gentle reminder of how precious our natural environment is.
Seen here, as leg skin artwork, the piece is reinvented as a statement for the wearer, Paying homage to broader environmental issues, the wearer will also “wow” with the confidence and sass of a cat.

Flox, Artist

Flox also designed our Badass Bunnies. See Our Tribe page for ways to contact the artists.


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