Honeycomb Legskin Tights - Courage My Love
Honeycomb Legskin Tights
June 2, 2016
Luscious Leopard Legskin Tights - Front Angle - Courage My Love
Luscious Leopard Legskin Tights
April 17, 2016
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Yin Yang Legskin Tights

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  • Second skin, feather light breathable fabric
  • The lightest legging on the market
  • Designer fitness to fashion collection
  • Real artwork produced by our artists in residence
  • Individually handmade = no mass production
  • Won’t shrink of fade
  • Flat seams, printed labels guaranteed to last
  • High rise doubled waistband with flip down feature
  • They don’t move or twist on your body
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing & zero waste printing
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It begins with the darkness of the feminine, the yin holds this darkness –
‘swollen purple with portent’.* The breath – the wolf’s song, the moon and crystals illuminate within the stillness of this darkness.
The yang, the masculine side is the expression, the expansion, the blooming.
The goddess stands within the balance of her own polar energies- the two blue tigers that emerge from her veil.
They are a part of her. One is her consciousness; the colour reflected in her eyes; it prowls above her head, protective, aware.
The other represents her physical body, nurtured, serene, it is fed from her body whilst it’s back foot is anchored to her gown.
With one hand she expresses her life force, with the other in ‘gyan mudra’
she receives and expands her individual courage and wisdom.
The energy of the sun radiates from her being.
She is surrounded by beauty, vibrant blooms of flowers in their full expression.
Beneath her left foot uncoils the serpent of Kundalini energy.

– Lucy Dolan Kang, Artist

*line from a novel by Kate Atkinson, that inspired the beginning point for my designs

Weight200 g

1 review for Yin Yang Legskin Tights

  1. Stella Diamond

    Hoorah! I have my yin yang flash azz pants! My kids chose them, which makes them pretty special to me. I had the most gorgeous experience. The kids told me my legs were beautiful! (Let us not kid ourselves! They aren’t as lovely and muscular and slim as some, but they were correct as they were at least beautifully decorated! … Even after a sweaty workout at the gym.) They love to follow the patterns around my legs – we are all tactile to some degree and love being touched by those we love do we not :o) Awww – happy days.Thanks again courage my love.

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