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5 interesting facts about Badass Bunnies

Behind every Courage My Love clothing design is a story of a talented artist. Each and every person we collaborate with is worth a personal introduction. And this article is a first one in an inspiring series of  Artists Stories! Learn more about the Badass Bunnies print and its creator Flox.

  1. The Badass Bunnies print for our Legskin Tights, Legging (NOW $69 ONLY) and Bra Top was inspired by the well-known “Run Rabbit” rhyme as well as New Zealand’s real rabbits and their destructive nature. Needless to say these fluffy creatures in such great numbers are catastrophic to Aotearoa’s fields and forests! Not surprisingly, the print came out a bit moody and dark.
  2. By the way, originally it was meant to be black and white. But the first tests proved that darker colours fit the message of the artwork better. After all, we already have a lot of vibrant and bright designs, why not add a hint of black? We have a lot of customers who love our brand but prefer clean and simple sportswear designs.
  3. Badass Bunnies print was designed by Flox (Hayley King) – aerosol / spray paint and stencil artist famous for murals and paintings with native birds, ferns and flowers. Her artworks celebrating the local environment quickly became so popular that Flox is now officially one of New Zealand’s most recognised contemporary artists!
  4. If you are in love with Badass Bunnies yoga clothing you may also love her other design in our collection called Luscious Leopard. You can see more of Flox’s creations in your everyday life as she has also designed packaging for Forest & Bird botanical skincare and several prints for plastic-free wrapping HoneyWrap. Both are a very eco-friendly and sustainable products to use! Her work is prolific and her collaborations are everywhere.
  5. Many people are familiar with Flox’s latest works but know nothing about her past. Here are two impressive facts: she has a fine art degree and was a world-class squash player at one stage ranked 44th in the world! She is truly a woman of many talents.

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