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Winter Yoga in Style: how to dress for an outdoor practice

Lucky Indian gurus never experienced one tiny problem all New Zealand yogis face every year: IT IS NOT SUMMER ALL THE TIME!! Though freezing temperatures might make you stay in bed all day, there are even more reasons to practice outdoor yoga in winter.

Did you know that when it’s cold outside we tend to suffer from osteoarthritis more, for example? Yoga poses lower the risk of pain. It gets the blood moving to prevent you from stone cold fingers and toes as well. Needless to say, winter yoga also gives you many opportunities to experiment with style! So what should be in your wardrobe?

Add some colour

Because, seriously, it is dark and depressing outside enough, don’t add to the winter mood by wearing safe black sets. Tattoo prints are among the hottest trends this season. If Etro can do it, you can too!

yoga leggins, yoga pants

Vintage Tattoo Legskin Tights $149-$169 (Click on image to shop!)

Wrap up

We are healthy, not crazy. If you plan to stay outdoors for a while, make sure you have something above this trendy bra top! And please, let it be anything but cotton. Yes, cotton breathes, but it also dries extremely slowly, so after sweating through the first couple of minutes you’ll be freezing for the rest of the workout.

Bona Fides Legskin Tights $149-$169 (Click on image to shop!)

Give summer favourites a makeover

Miss your capris? Mix them with leg warmers. Yes, just like ballerinas do! Post-yoga selfies have never been more stylish. Go try it yourself and get back to this article when your Instagram is flooded with thumbs ups. We’ll wait.

Shop any of 10 (!) awesome capris to complement your leg warmers style by clicking on photo

Mind the head

Mum can finally relax – her daughter keeps her head covered in winter. And who would resist wearing one of those Courage My Love 3-in-1 bandeau headbands! By the way, have you seen our 7 ways to style it? Create your own and share it with #couragemyloveclothing!

Bandeau 3 in 1 $20 (Click on image to shop!)

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