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November 10, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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Design Story: DREAM GALAXY

Dream Galaxy Legskin Tights - Art 02 - Courage My Love

Method: Watercolour

Artist: Federica Benedet

Artist Quote

I dream about a world where nature can be more free and untouched. I chose watercolour as my medium to harness the fluid energy of water. The water colours blend like our planet's races, creating a beautiful global community. I really love the connection between the sky and heart and human. The night sky in New Zealand is amazing. Being in this country has changed my life, putting myself in connection with nature and all the plants and animals; I learned how important it is to preserve what remains. I want to catch this dream through my art, to teach people how to respect and love our world. I cry for the creatures who get left behind, but everything can change in the blink of an eye.If you wish to survive you will find your guide inside.“ Lyrics from Aloha Ke Akua by artist Nahko Bear I’m not as good with words as I am with colours and pictures, but this song was a huge inspiration to me!

From the Heart

Persephone Singfield, Heart Director of Courage My Love says this about Dream Galaxy: Federica is one of those beautiful souls inside a colourful body. I was instantly attracted to her art when I checked out her Instagram account. Tattoo is her main medium, but on her account she also shows watercolour and oil paintings - the other mediums she enjoys working with when the mood takes her. The first time we physically met I was so distracted by her appearance. She is beautifully sleeved in tattoo, her hair coloured brightly and piercings decorating her face, she is much like a walking art exhibition. When we began speaking I soon learned about her soft heart and her concern for the animals and nature. When I asked her about her work with the SPCA, she said she just volunteers her time there to give the orphan dogs love. Federica seemed like a perfect balance of Courage and Love. Her concept was completely self-driven, she had a design in her minds eye and needed minimal input from our team. We only assisted with how the design features were placed on the artwork to best create the flow from one leg to the other in the Legskin Tights. I feel the products with Federicas designs offer our range a mystical cosmic flare.

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