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December 1, 2016
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Activewear Fabrication and Sustainability
December 1, 2016
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Real Art by Real Artists

Real Art - Flox Working - Courage My Love

What does real art by real artist mean for your activewear collection? Well, it means you can look great in our designer Legskin tights while running, walking, dancing, bending, lunging, squatting… and doing anything else you do to stay healthy and keep fit.

Courage My Love apparel exclusively features prints commissioned from top quality artists with whom we form supportive, long-lasting relationships. Some of our prints can take months to launch while the artist works with our design team to create a stunning piece for our sought-after collection.

Our artists choose their design medium – usually the one with which they feel most connected – to produce their Courage My Love artwork. Our current design library features original pieces created on oil paintings, acrylic paintings, spray painted stencils, watercolour and ink on paper, to name a few!

Appreciate the Beauty

We regularly receive letters and emails from fans sharing that they get comments about how beautiful the prints look when whenever they wear their Courage My Love Legskin tights. This is extremely important to us. People sometimes take for granted the clever technology, time and design that goes into creating our designer activewear. Our performance garments truly are works of art and we treat them as such.

When you receive your gorgeous Legskin tights, from our online shop, please read the story of who created it and why. Those stories are on every one of our shop pages and we include videos of our artists when we can.

Wear Handmade Artwork

When you buy Courage My Love fitness to fashion activewear, you are buying a handcrafted work of art made by someone who is highly skilled. From the very first spark of inspiration and idea to the last stitch, our range of sports apparel is produced with every effort to bring you high quality, hard wearing, eye catching designer technical clothing.

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