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4-Way Stretch Fabric

4-Way Stretch Fabric - Courage My Love

The 4-way stretch fabric we use is the foundation of Courage My Love activewear products. We only use the highest quality fabrics available to produce our designer range of yoga clothes and activewear.

4-Way Stretch Fabric

One of the many features we require from our materials when we are producing activewear is that it is 4-way stretch fabric. We believe the gear you wear when exercising should move with your body and remain in place, as well as look great. Part of ensuring your clothing stays in place while you stretch and sweat is using technical fabrics that have 4-way stretch, so no matter what direction you move in, the fabric moves with you.
When fabric can behave in this way, it won’t bunch up or twist when you are being active. We believe it’s important for your activewear to become a second skin that gives you a more natural response to physical movement than 2-way stretch fabrics.

What’s the difference?

Well, 2-way stretch fabrics stretch in one direction, usually from one edge to the other, yet can be in other directions depending on the knit. 4-way stretch fabrics like the ones we use in our Legskin tights, stretch in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise.
The range of motion in our stretchy material gives your joints the support to bend into that lunge or squat because the fabric spreads away from the bend and yields into shape as your body moves.
Stretch Fabrics: how to tell 2-way from 4-way?
Ok, you’re probably sold by now on the benefits of 4-way stretch fabric and want to know if your activewear is up to the stretchy task. Here’s an easy test.
• Step 1: Stretch the fabric from side to side to determine 2-way stretch.
• Step 2: Rotate the fabric 180 degrees and stretch it in the opposite direction. If it doesn’t move it’ll be a 2-way stretch.
4-way stretch fabrics move in both directions. Generally, multi-directional stretch materials will also feel softer in texture.

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