Activewear Designed for All Shapes and Sizes

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Double Fold Waistband
November 30, 2016
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November 30, 2016

Activewear Designed for All Shapes and Sizes

Girl Meditating Wearing Ying Yang Legskin Tights activewear designed for all shapes

Why is Courage My Love activewear designed for all shapes and sizes? Because we believe every woman has the right to feel supported when she exercises in great technical activewear, no matter what size. And women, as we know, are made in many lovely shapes and sizes.

What’s a woman to do when she’s so small she must buy her pants in the children’s section? When it’s hard enough to find yoga pants that fit, being able to choose from a range of colours and styles suitable for an adult to wear in public is a luxury.

We are pro healthy body image and make our products for all bodies.

Customer Requests

We once had a well-known yoga teacher and studio owner write an email asking if we sell kid sizes as she doesn’t fit normal women sizing. She loved our designs and products but wasn’t sure if we made them small enough for her body. We do!

We also receive numerous emails from larger women who could never own a pair of beautifully designed legskin tights or leggings because most activewear companies do not stock any sizes over large. Sadly, finding a good quality sports bra top in plus sizing can be even more difficult!


Bra Tops for Larger Women

It can be frustrating for large-breasted women to find bra tops that provide ample support and cover up. We designed our bra tops to fit up to a New Zealand (NZ) size 20 and have many colours and prints to choose from.


Activewear Designed for All Shapes and Sizes

Not only do we stock our products in 7 sizes, but we changed our patterns to suit the larger and smaller variety of women, giving them different design features to support the bodies at either end of the spectrum. There is no one-size-fits-all at Courage My Love. To us, that’s kind of a ridiculous notion for bra tops, tights and leggings.

We value everyone’s needs and endeavor to meet as many as we can.

Our legskin tights and leggings begin at a size XXS (NZ size 4/6) and go to an XXL (NZ size 18/20).

Our bra tops range from size XS (NZ size 6/8) to size XXL (NZ size 18/20).

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