Feather Light Legskin Tights

Girl Meditating Wearing Ying Yang Legskin Tights activewear designed for all shapes
Activewear Designed for All Shapes and Sizes
November 30, 2016
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Hand Cut Fabric
December 1, 2016

Feather Light Legskin Tights

Feather Light

When we say feather light legskins tights, we mean it. We challenged our design team to create a legging that would feel like a second skin and our signature product, legskin tights are the lightest tights in our activewear range.

We understand that a featherweight fabric is more appropriate for hotter temperatures and designed our legskin tights to be perfect for hot yoga. You may have noticed that we include the GSM weight in the descriptions of our legskin tights and leggings. As with all Courage My Love apparel, our legskin tights and leggings feature a fit-for-purpose design and garment weight is a big part of that. Although we have different weight fabrics for our legkin tights and leggings, both fabrics are breathable and of a high quality.

Grams per Square Meter

Simply put, GSM is the weight of the fabric. GSM = grams per square meter (g/m2) and is a fabric’s metric measurement for weight. The GSM of a fabric is one specification that is very important for the textile engineer to understand in the production of our materials.

We manufacture our fabric at 190 GSM for making our legskin tights. This gives our legskin tights an incredibly light and soft feeling, almost like a second skin. Our leggings – which come in full-length and 3/4 length – are made from a heavier 220 GSM fabric.

Lightweight Luxury

Many consumers are mistaken in their belief that thin is cheap and therefore overlook the luxurious benefits of a fine lightweight fabric, such as our legskin tights material, when it comes to wearing clothes in hot conditions. Our featherweight fabric has a super soft finish to go long its strength and durability. It doesn’t shrink or fade. And because it is made to the highest quality standard for performance fabrics, you will get to enjoy wearing our legskin tights for countless days of activity and fashion.

Featherweight Tights that Don’t Reveal

A common concern among customer is a that yoga pants made from lighter materials will reveal private areas when in squats or forward bends. The truth is that any legging, no matter the GSM, can be stretched to the point of becoming see-through, especially if the person has squeezed herself into a smaller size than she requires.

Courage My Love legskin tights may stretch when you bend, but they won’t reveal so long as you are in the right size to begin with. For extra measure, if unwanted revealing is something you are extra sensitive about, we suggest wearing skin toned undergarments. With the appropriate sizing and skin toned undergarments, you can enjoy the benefits of wearing our second skin layer, which keeps the body cool and dry whilst providing freedom of movement.


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