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November 30, 2016
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November 30, 2016
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Flat Seams: A Key Feature of Premium Activewear

Flat Seams - Courage My Love

Courage My Love’s flat seams last long, wear hard and are soft on your skin.

We set out to create hard wearing activewear that can be used for yoga, dance, pilates, walking and fitness. Our flat lock seam technology produces softer, flatter and more secure seams in all our activewear is second to none.

We consider several factors to ensure our activewear is fit-for-purpose and can withstand the strain of repeated wear throughout its lifecycle. These include:

• seam strength
• appearance
• required stretch
• bulkiness
• softness

Seams that make direct contact with your skin should be strong and secure, yet soft enough to avoid potential irritation. We use a flatlock technology to create flat seams that achieve optimum comfort and performance while you exercise in our activewear.

Flat Seam vs. Overlocked

You might be wondering about the difference between a flat seam and an overlocked one?

An overlock seam is thicker than a flatlock seam because it has layers of fabric. Here’s why:

– Firstly, there are two layers of fabric which are the width of seam allowance on the underside.
– Then that is top stitched down with the cover stitch.
– There’s a lot of thread concealing this on the underside which kind of cushions and flattens it.

While a flatlock seam also has lots of threads, it has no seam allowance layers turned to the underside because the cut edges are butted against each other. (see images)


Performance Apparel

Flatlocking is used primarily for performance apparel as it has fewer layers and a decreased chance of chaffing. If you are doing repetitive movements, you definitely want legskin tights with flatlock seams. An overlocked, cover stitched seam will chafe along your legs and can even cause bleeding. It sounds extreme, but it has been known to happen and horribly uncomfortable.

Flat Seams Last Longer

When you’re investing in good activewear, check for flat seams and ensure they are used in areas which get the most movement. You want to ensure you will be comfortable when exercising.

Flat seams are far more robust than an overlocked seam and are less likely to pull apart with use. They last longer, meaning your legskin tights will last longer too!

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