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November 30, 2016
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Hand Cut Fabric

Hand Cutting of Fabric - Courage My love

No mass product means we can guarantee our manufacturing.

Courage My Love’s printed garments feature hand cut fabric. This might sound like an odd thing to promote but there is a specific reason behind our process.

We hand cut fabric to deliver our stunning artist designs in the unique way the artists created the original artwork

Most activewear is manufactured in a mass production environment where fabric is stacked up in dozens or even hundreds of layers and cut all at once. This process is efficient but lacks precision and can only be done with repeated patterned fabric. A common characteristic for clothing with prints (as opposed to solid blocks of colour) is that it is cut by machine from fabric which has a repeated pattern printed on it. This is common practice and a cost-effective way to mass produce printed apparel.

The Courage My Love Difference

If you look at our printed Legskin tights, you will notice that our logos sit exactly where they need to and that the labeling is all within the actual printed pattern. Achieving this requires that when we print fabric for our activewear, we print the label and branding onto the piece at the same time.

We do this to preserve the original artwork.

Wearable Original Artwork

Placement of the original artwork featured in our clothing is of utmost importance to Courage My Love. Respecting the art in this way is part of our brand’s ethos and our goal is always to preserve the placement and detail of the original painting or artwork that the artist created.

If we were to stack up hundreds of layers of our printed fabric and cut through it all at once, the detail and placement would be random and the outcome would not be the quality designer apparel you our customers have expect from Courage My Love.

Right Fit

Cutting our fabric by hand also helps to ensure the fit of our fitness to fashion activewear. When garments are cut in stacks, there is no control over where the prints sit on the finished piece. People often write to us and share how whenever they wear Courage My Love Legskin tights, everyone comments on the beautiful prints.

Some consumers take for granted the clever technology, time and design that goes into creating designer clothing. People you have the privilege of owning and wearing Courage My Love apparel, the benefits are obvious.

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