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Open Your Heart with Urdhva Dhanurasana
December 14, 2016
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4-Way Stretch Fabric
November 30, 2016
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Printed Clothing Labels

Printed Label - Courage My Love
Clothing labels are an important part of any high-quality garment and especially important for activewear. If the label is too bulky or poorly placed, it can cause irritation.
Here at Courage My Love, we take extra care in the way we label our activewear. We’re proud of the materials we use and want you to know how to properly care for your garments so that you can get the very best wear out of them.
That’s why all our labeling is printed directly on the fabric to avoid chafing or awkward bumps and bulges. There’s nothing quite like laying in savasana (resting pose) after a hot, sweaty yoga class and being completely distracted by a rough and wrinkled label scratching at your skin. Our printed clothing labels lay completely flat and are infused into the fabric to avoid nasty distraction when you are exercising, stretching or simply chilling out with your everyday activities.
Our printed labels don’t wash off or deteriorate so you can always refer to our labels to see what size you’re wearing and even find the web address of where you can purchase more Courage My Love activewear. Pretty handy in the changing rooms at the gym when someone asks you where you got your Legskin tights, from (and they will!).

Featured Works of Art

Where space allows, we also print the name artwork information, including the title and name of the artist who created it. We like to feature our artists whenever we can and our print labeling technology allows us the freedom to do this in our bra tops.
All this special attention for your knowledge and your comfort!
So, the next time you are shopping for activewear or yoga clothes, make sure to consider the quality of the labeling to ensure you will be comfortable while working out. Quality sportswear isn’t just about looking great; it’s got to be functional and our clothing labels are just another way Courage My Love stands puts our customers’ interests first.

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