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February 5, 2018
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Vintage Tattoo artwork - Courage My Love Clothing

Method: Illustrations and Digital Art

Artist: Persephone Singfield

Artist Quote:

Design Story Vintage Tattoo brideWhere can your dreams and inspiration take you? For Courage My Love clothing’s founder and director, Persephone Singfield, her Vintage Tattoo design took her on a journey from her childhood memories to complete immersion into the motorcycle culture. Our Vintage Tattoo design was about bringing out a different side of yoga that not many people know about – GRIT.

Many perceive the practice of yoga to be always light. But it is interesting to know that it also has an emotional and sometimes challenging side. This was what Persephone wanted to display in her design.

Childhood memories always have an influence in Persephone’s designs. This time around, it was about her riding the motorcycle with her father. The feeling of freedom Design Story Vintage Tattoo bootswith the wind touching your face and the different facets of motorcycle culture – the vintage fashion, décor, and tattoos – are great sources of inspiration. These memories also led Persephone to immerse herself even more by hanging out in Harley shops, taking a motorbike handling course, purchasing studded leather, listening to Joan Jett, and going through vintage tattoo books – all the works!

The extensive creative process to birth Courage My Love’s Vintage Tattoo design proves that art comes from a need to manifest an inspiration and journeying through it with openness and excitement until it comes to life.

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