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Design Story: YIN YANG

yin yang featured image

Method: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Lucy Dolan Kang

Artist Quote:

yin yang legskins


For art that was inspired by a line from a novel by Kate Atkinson – beneath her left foot uncoils the serpent of Kundalini energy – the Yin Yang design by artist, Lucy Dolan Kang, must be carefully observed element by element.

The Yin represents the darkness of the feminine. Illuminating the stillness of the darkness were the moon and crystals, while the wolf’s song becomes breath. Masculinity is present in the Yang that bears expression, expansion, and blooming. Between the Yin and the Yang stands the goddess to balance the polar energies.

Then there are the two blue tigers representing the consciousness and physical elements of the goddess. One symbolizes her awareness and sense of protection as it takes the color of her eyes. The other reflects a nurtured and serene stance.



The goddess’ hands also are also reflections of her being. One hand shows her life force, while the other in “gyan mudra” displays how she receives and expands her courage and wisdom.

Completing the Courage My Love Yin Yang design are nature’s elements surrounding the goddess. From her being, the energy of the sun radiates. The flowers also display its vibrancy and beauty. Lots of elements and different oil paintings on canvas all coming together to create the unique and meaningful design that is Yin Yang.

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