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Design Story: HONEYCOMB

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Method: Photography and Digital Art

Artist: Persephone Singfield

Artist Quote:

The Courage My Love Honeycomb design is a brilliant combination of nature, art, and technology. Courage My Love’s very own, Persephone Singfield, created this design with bees and frogs as inspirations. She also intended to send out a very important message to us, earthlings – WE NEED TO BE MINDFUL OF OUR PLANET’S HEALTH.

Persephone combines the symmetry of a honeycomb with the colour and texture of amphibians. The result, a design that makes you feel as if you’re looking into a dragon’s story content image

The message about keeping watch of our planet’s health comes from Persephone’s childhood memory. Her father told of a story about frogs – beginning with miners who brought canaries to monitor the air as they go into the mineshafts. A canary dying meant the miners had to get out for fresh air or they will die of suffocation just like the canary. Frogs do the same for our planet’s quality of air. Persephone’s father pointed out that frog population gives a clear indication of our air quality.

Wouldn’t it be nice to always be reminded to take care of the planet we live in? Courage My Love’s Honeycomb design is the perfect fusion of nature and technology. Even better is the message of our shared responsibility – the Earth is ours to live in, let us keep watch and take care of it.

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