Federica is a young, enthusiastic woman from a small town close to Venice.

The first time I took a pencil into my hand I was probably around 3 years old, since then I never leave home without all my drawing toys. I started studying art at high school and I finally got my degree as a Painter at the renowned “Fine Arts Academy of Venice”.

While studying, I became interested in the world of tattoo and I started tattooing my friends for fun. But I got quite good at it and more and more people would ask me to get some ink on their skin, until eventually I got asked to work in a Tattoo Shop and it became my vocation.After a couple of years I got pretty famous and I would travel all around Italy as a guest artist but it wasn’t enough for me and after 8 years I finally decided to travel the world and I ended up in this beautiful country, It was love from the first instant I arrived."

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What it's like to be a 'virtual' artist in residence at Courage My Love?

"Being a 'virtual' artist in residence at Courage My Love has been fantastic! I've thoroughly enjoyed creating these paintings and expressing what yoga means to me in a visual sense. Persephone has been hugely supportive whilst allowing me total freedom in creating and executing my designs.

Working as an artist is usually a rather solitary process for me, though I have really enjoyed and appreciated Persephone's enthusiasm and encouragement behind the whole project. It's been heaps of fun and I'm really excited to see people wearing my paintings on their legskins!

Thanks Persephone, I'm loving Courage My Love! "

- Lucy Dolan-Kang