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August 27, 2017
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What feelings and senses does the Bona Fides print release?

Bona Fides print, created by artist and yoga teacher Melinda Butt, was inspired by the fifth chakra. This means it celebrates the creative spirit within. Here are all the amazing things this print can inspire you to do and feel.

  • Art. The first and the most obvious one. Melinda Butt is passionate about art and what it brings to everyones life. While working on Bone Fides she was thinking about music, poetry, and basically any type of creative self-expression, that this print will awaken in its owner.
  • Joy. Did you notice the beautiful lotus among all the symbols of the print? Along with the leaping stag, it evokes joy and humility.
  • Balance. The Bona Fides legskins print in general is a perfect representation of the feminine and the masculine, the yin and yang. Isn’t it something we all lack sometimes?
  • Understanding. We might see the same objects and symbols, but the interpretation is never the same. The way we see and understand this world is something unique and personal. The artistically stylised waves symbolize the forces behind what we see.
  • Attention. We bet, you didn’t notice Melinda used two different canvases to create this print? In short, she began the first painting by finishing one of her rolls of canvas, then opened a new roll and cut the canvas for second painting. It resulted in the beautiful difference in the grain of the canvases. A small detail, that makes this design really special and shows the handmade nature of her work. Order Bona Fides Legskins now and check them out for yourself!

Bona Fides, Legskins, leggings, Courage My Love clothing, activewear, sportswear, yoga

Courage My Love clothing, yoga, yoga pants, activewear, sportswear, Bona Fides

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