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Study shows wearing activewear encourages physical activity

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I don’t know about you but I always feel more motivated to get out there and exercise when I’m wearing bright and stylish activewear. Not only does it make me look good but I also feel great.

Study on activewear – VALUE, STYLE, FIT and FUNCTION

Earlier this year the Australian Sporting Goods Association (AGSA) commissioned The Victoria University of Melbourne to conduct a study into Australia’s booming ‘activewear market’. The results showed that women are more likely to pay more for performance activewear that is technically designed for exercise. We are less likely to pay a lot for purely style-based activewear that may look good but has only limited functionality. Also, many women find it hard to find and develop connections with brands that are authentic and produce styles that are both fashionable and functional. Women prefer that the same leggings designed to be worn for exercise can also translate seamlessly into fashionable attire for daily wear.

The future of activewear industry

The activewear industry is estimated to grow in Australia alone by more than 20% between 2015 and 2020 so there needs to better recognition and catering to this category of fashion specifically. How the clothing is marketed and sold, including creating a vast online presence to ensure convenient access for customers no matter where they are based, is also important to women.

The ‘workout anytime’ philosophy is driving activewear sales and it makes perfect sense to adopt the ‘shop anytime’ philosophy to go along with that. Women of all sizes and ages like to be active and brands need to include options in their range so women have activewear that fits well and supports their bodies accordingly.

Live or exercise?

Many women live a fast-paced life in today’s day and age so it is important that they can fit exercise in wherever and whenever possible even if it is just a quick walk which study results showed was the most popular form of exercise. 

Founder of internet retailer Stylerunner – Julie Stevanja emphasizes the importance of “enclothed cognition”, the idea that the clothes we wear can influence one’s behaviour. This combined with the common belief that wearing activewear encourages physical activity and good health habits can only mean that adding activewear pieces into your daily wardrobe will be a bonus!  

Whether you are someone who engages in intense exercise regularly or you just live a jam-packed active lifestyle, Courage My Love garments are designed with the needs and wants of the modern, active, everyday woman in mind, no matter your size or your age. So, next time you don’t feel like exercising, throw on a pair of colourful leggings and I guarantee you will feel your motivation levels rise in no time!


By Lizzie Liu

Lizzie Liu

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