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Interview with Kelly Watt from True Food and Yoga

True Food and Yoga was founded 18 months ago and opened in July 2016. We interview True Food and Yoga founder, Kelly Watt.

True Food and Yoga founder Kelly Watt

Tell us about True Food and Yoga, what inspired you?

TRUE was a dream concept of mine using my hospitality and events skills as well as my passion for yoga, health and all things good in life; to come together under one roof. The concept, I feel, compliments the space. In our studio we offer a range of services and activities from several disciplines of Yoga, to Pilates, Barre by Xtend Barre, Chiropractic with Iain Wood, Physiotherapy with Gabby Sharp, and Beauty by the beautiful Charlotte Harrison. TRUE bistro has both sea and city views which makes it a great spot for studio members, the community and beyond to enjoy great food, kombucha on tap, organic Allpress coffee, and more (the list is endless)!

What motivates you to practice yoga?

What motivates me to practice yoga is the feeling. I remember how good good it feels after the asana [yoga poses], breathing and shifting energies. I am not too serious about my personal practice because to me its an intimate time in my body with myself.

Can you tell us about a time when yoga really supported you?

My yoga practice was of great value to me and kept me going through the emotions of PTSD, which I suffered post a violent rape, recent trauma triggers like moving countries and unhealthy relationships its something I have never written publicly before, but feel I can share now to a point within my own healthy boundary. I never did seek any help for this trauma. I practiced yoga and I experienced 1st hand the magic of the asana and breathing for healing and getting in tune with oneself. Sitting still and feeling the emotion, breathing through it, not just the difficult pose but the difficult times. I feel this is my message in yoga which is helping to empower others through difficult times, like trauma and rape. I feel lucky to be alive and that is a gift which I intend to use well for the greater good. On my bucket list is taking hands on actions to help women who have suffered sex slavery violence and rape any way I can with my skills both here in NZ and with charities in India. I am not afraid of hard work and don’t intend on just posting pretty yoga poses and sipping green juice to look good as a yoga career, I genuinely want to make a difference; on a small scale with my community, as a mum, as a friend just being there for someone, by sharing tools to sail through life with more ease, through hosting wellness workshops, to listen. Listening is also a great gift and if that is all you can offer right now in the world that’s great! Especially with mental health week recently passed, just being there for friends and colleagues is actually helping others to care and share. This is my yoga Dharma (life purpose).

TRUE Studio, yoga, yoga studio

TRUE Studio

What advice would you give someone who is trying yoga for the first time?

Yoga 1st timer, forget the things you have seen and go feel it. Try several styles of yoga, try different teachers and find the one that makes your heart sing. That’s where the magic is, it’s like dating ha ha!

TRUE Studio, yoga studio, yogaWhat events are coming up at True Food and Yoga that we should know about?

I am hosting private weddings, Nadia Lim, Good Magazine. For yoga we have a Nik Robson yoga event who is back from Bali, wellness events with the Balancing Act and Yoga Rhapsody. I’ll also be sharing my love of yoga and good food, yoga retreats and essential oils with a dear friend Kathleen from Livewell retreats. If you are looking for a great venue and host for a work get together,  or corporate office wellness or perhaps even a yoga wedding (whatever that means to you, its a crazy dream of mine to host one so planting the seed in the affirmation of words:) please contact me kelly@truefoodadnyoga.co.nz

Kelly, if you had one last meal to enjoy, what would it be?

My last meal would be raw scampi, oysters, seaweed, greens (like avocado and spinach, yum!). Washed down with a fresh coconut and an espresso followed by a dark rich chocolate dessert (hot or cold depending on the season or weather / environment). I’m glad you asked meal not dish!

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