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Announcement: Finalists for the Courage My Love Mind Body Award 2017

Saturday, 25th November will be a night to remember as we pay tribute to those who raise the professionalism and standards across all areas of exercise including personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga teachers and commercial facilities.  The night also honours those who are leaders in the area of community projects and delivery of exercise in areas outside the 4 walls of a gym. Another award is the Community Excellence Award which honours those who offer initiatives or programs to the wider community that encourage exercise participation in a population that would normally find such exercise difficult to access.

Congratulations to our finalists for the Mind Body Award!


What are the awards?

The Exercise Industry Awards are run by the Exercise Association of New Zealand and have been running annually since 2005. They recognise excellence in exercise professionals and facilities, as well as awards for community contribution and support. It’s a chance for clubs and individuals who positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders to get recognition from their peers for their effort. The 2017 Awards will be held on Saturday 25th November. Our founder, Persephone Singfield, will be attending the event to present the Mind Body Award to the recipient.

Being an award winner

Mind Body Award, yoga, Courage My LoveBeing an award winner is not about being the personal trainer with the best body, it’s not about the fanciest facility nor is about the ability to make clients work until they drop. The best exercise facilities and professionals are those who show professionalism and have an ability to adapt to the changing needs of their clients, putting their results, and their safety, first. Their focus is not just being the best they can be but also helping their clients be the best they can be through maintaining standards, keeping up to date with ongoing education and making sure they operate a well-managed business. Every year the standard of winners is raised with the competition to make it to the top spots getting harder; this year is no exception with winners from the far north through to the deep south showing just what it takes to be the best in the country at what they do.

The Awards Process

Exercise Industry Awards, yogaThe awards entry process is a thorough one, potential winners must make it through 3 stages in order to make it to the finals. Entrants must submit written information to show why they should win as well as recordings of themselves in action. All entrants must be REPs registered as registration with REPs is the recognised standard to ensure safe and effective exercise advice. These standards are benchmarked internationally to ensure global recognition meaning trainers that receive awards in NZ are up with the best across the world.

Quotes from ‘members of the judging team’:

“The overall effort these finalists have made during their careers has made New Zealand a healthier fitter place to live, there is no doubt these trainers and facilities change lives”.

“We are excited with not just the quality but the diversity of the 2017 finalists, with a range of different services and exercise modes represented, proving that award winning exercise programmes are being provided in and out of facilities, with a range of styles and target markets”

“Our group exercise categories are a great example of just how wide ranging exercise leaders are with aqua, yoga, dance and gym based programmes amongst the finalists this year”


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