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She gave me courage
April 26, 2016
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I won’t let injury stop me
May 1, 2016
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Courage gave me direction

Courage gave me direction - Courage My Love

As I approached the year 2016, the year where I would turn 26, the year where I was back at university studying towards a Bachelor of Criminal justice, the year where I thought I would have my life sorted!

Did I ever think that I would be lost within myself
Who was I?
Where did all my confidence go?
Did I truly believe I was good enough to become a police officer?
Why was I sabotaging myself?
Why did I rely so heavily on food as comfort?

All of these questions were ones that have crossed my mind over the past 13 weeks.

It all started at the start of the year I need something to shake me up, mentally, physically and emotionally.
I needed some sort of change to shake up the lifestyle that I was living, currently it was doing nothing for me. My clothes were getting smaller and my self esteem, out look on life and confidence was too decreasing.

I came a cross the Pumped Fitness Web page and saw their 100 day challenge. I toyed with the idea for a couple of days and then decided to go and approach Kate myself. This was hard as I was becoming ashamed of who I had turned into, doing this meant that had to be honest with myself about my habits that had lead me to this lifestyle, that at the time I thought was healthy.

I joined the 100 day challenge and I can not RAVE enough about how supportive and important it has been to me over the last 90 days.

I have found myself again, my clothes are getting bigger, my confidence is growing, my relationship with food is drastically improving and more importantly I have realised how special I am, yes; I love myself! I am amazing.

All of these results are down to that little but of COURAGE that I found that day that I decided to go and approach Pumped fitness, I am so proud of myself for doing that. That was the 1st step in becoming a new and improved me. Throughout the challenge I have found the COURAGE to push myself, challenge and question myself to make better changes to myself and life style.
COURAGE is what I have daily now it is a part of who I am, I used courage to enter the 20 week challenge and DAMN I can not wait to see where this little bit of COURAGE is going to get me!!

Jess Proudman

Have you got a story of courage that you’d like to share with us? Sharing stories is courageous in itself. It also gives others inspiration. We’d love to hear from you! Courage My Love

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