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Fitness Journal Article
April 17, 2016
Courage gave me direction - Courage My Love
Courage gave me direction
April 23, 2016
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She gave me courage

Lorraine Gave Me Courage - Courage My Love

She gave me courage

I often wonder what courage really looks like and I find myself looking back on my life trying to remember times where I had shown “real” courage. The photo of me is a time that I felt I showed the most courage but this courage was nothing in comparison to the inspiring soul I was fighting for, her courage is what made me find mine and shave my head to support her journey. Courage comes in many shapes and sizes and we all have a time where we have endured the courage to make a change if not for ourselves then certainly for someone else!

This is my COURAGE!


Have you got a story of courage that you’d like to share with us? Sharing stories is courageous in itself. It also gives others inspiration. We’d love to hear from you! Courage My Love

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