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Stories of Courage Part 2 – Sarah Watts Tells Her Story

Story of Courage Sarah Watts Courage My Love

Congratulations to Sarah Watts and here successful 20 week challenge! As a brand, Courage My Love enjoys supporting people as they move out of their comfort zone and make changes that positively affect their well being and inspire others to be courageous.


Life Changing Program

We partner with Catch Fitness to support their nationwide life changing program ‘20 Week Challenge™‘. The Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge™ is about helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Whether you want to be more flexible or stronger, have more energy or less back pain, run a marathon or get into yoga – there’s a place for you to rediscover yourself physically.

One of the things we find amazing about this program is that entrants create their own personal goals for the 20 Week Challenge and get this… they CANNOT INCLUDE WEIGHT LOSS as a goal!

Says Founder Broni McSweeney: “Optimal weight is a fringe benefit to a happy healthy lifestyle.”


Clothes for All Sizes

Courage My Love creates fitness apparel, activewear and yoga clothes for all sizes. Our range covers bodies from the XXS to the XXL and we are 100% behind positive body image programs and campaigns like the one Catch Fitness runs annually. Plus-size activewear can be hard to find and often isn’t a good fit as manufacturers tend to scale up a small pattern to fit a larger body. Our designers have created plus sizing to support the extra weight in the areas it tends to gather on a woman’s body, giving her a more comfortable fit for movement.

Courage My Love Story of Courage

Stories of Courage and Courage My Love

How does the Stories of Courage competition fit with Courage My Love?

Persephone Singfield, Heart Director for Courage My Love, explains it this way:

“When I met with Broni McSweeney, owner and creator, to discuss this years 20 Week Challenge™; I asked her about the impact the challenge was having on people’s lives. She inspired me with a few stories and I had an idea. I asked Broni if we could support the entrants with telling their story publicly for all the people out there who would love to do something like this, but maybe didn’t have the courage. Story is such a powerful way to inspire others to try something new. We get that attitude – “If she can do it, I can do it!!” Broni loved the idea and within weeks we set up a whole platform for story sharing online. We’ll be blogging about our entrants and their stories throughout the year to keep the inspiration momentum going.”

This year’s 20 Week Challenge™ recently came to an end and many stories have been sent to us to share. On October 29th an awards ceremony was held in Christchurch to honour the hundreds of entrants nationwide for the stunning efforts and successes each of them experienced. We’ll begin by bringing you this story shared by Sarah Watts. Sarah won a pair of legkin tights as part of her Stories of Courage contribution and she spoke at the awards ceremony on about her journey.


Sarah Watts – Story of Courage

Hello my name is Sarah Watts.

Story of Courage Sarah Watts Courage My LoveI’m the kind of person who stands back and watches everyone else doing well around me and doesn’t say much just wishes I had it in me to do it. In 2012 I gave up smoking, big move after 10 odd years doing it . Yes well my weight gain was terrible (something around the 15kgs mark ?). Working as a cook I served a few Zumba instructors on Saturday morning after there classes after about six months I got the courage to ask about there classes . This is where my fitness journey started after losing 20 kgs doing five classes a week. One class that was three days a week shut down . So for weeks I talked about going to the gym and joining until I finally did it. Once joining I finally contacted JD training (Julie Doak) and here we are today. Just finished my first 20 Week Challenge and pulled off amazing results not just on my body – but mind, heart,passion, grit and drive to. I’m now fitter than ever and starting to training for my first ever marathon and start studying to be a personal trainer myself to help others like myself stand up in the world.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your amazing stories.


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