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Get yourself spring-ready with yoga

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As we gradually move into the season of spring and say goodbye to the cold winter days of being rugged up inside with a hot drink (like our all time favourite hot chocolate), our bodies need to be rejuvenated for the warmer days ahead (not to mention preparing that toned summer body) so, what better way to start than by channeling our energy into yoga.

Yoga inside

I find this is a great way to keep active especially on those colder rainy days which we all know are still scattered during spring and it is also a fun activity to do with friends. There is nothing more refreshing than walking into a calm and peaceful yoga studio leaving your troubles and the rain outside at the door. Physical activity is a fantastic way to lift your spirits and stimulate your brain from its sleepy winter hibernation as we transition to those warmer days.

yoga, yoga classes, Courage My Love Clothes, activewear

Yoga outside

If you’re looking for something a little bit different or just want to keep things interesting, why not combine yoga with the outdoors as the weather improves? One of the best things about yoga is that it is portable – you can do it virtually anywhere. All you need is yourself! Change up your setting occasionally by practicing in the sun in your backyard or even go on a hike up a mountain and do some yoga at the summit while you look out across at an amazing view. This is guaranteed to bring our your inner zen!

So, next time you are feeling a little lethargic, grab your best gal pals and do some yoga together to wake up those bodies whether it be a yoga class or just freestyle out in nature. Reward yourselves afterwards with a fresh fruit smoothie, kombucha or my personal favourite – a warm soothing matcha green tea to revitalize yourself for the rest of the day!

Lizzie Liu

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