We believe in who you are and the courage it takes to live wholeheartedly, so we make the best activewear you can wear to express your authenticity with confidence. Imagine a place where every person shines their light and inspires others, no matter their shape, size or culture. We believe you are that person. You are a person who will inspire others through living your life with integrity and purpose.

The success of our company is based on supporting you to live a healthy and inspired lifestyle through creating outstanding activewear to wear for both intense activity and in your everyday life. We nourish you with real, authentic content in our Courageous Living Blog and social media platforms. Courage My Love proudly supports Yoga New Zealand and is the sponsor for the Mind Body Teacher of Year award for the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards

Persephone Singfield

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 22 years old when I moved to New Zealand from my birthplace in Canada. The protagonist in me loves to inspire people and turn great ideas into reality. I began practising yoga at age 22 and have found yoga to be one of the most powerful tools to support me through both the challenges and excitements that life's experiences can bring. I trained to become a yoga teacher in 2011 and through my teaching I have found a way to give back some of what I have learned through this practice.

I aim to inspire YOU to live your dreams. I urge you to lead your community through being an example of living your life with integrity and purpose. I hope that when you wear Courage My Love you are filled with confidence and inspired to be fully YOU!

Courage My Love was born in 2012 out of the inspiration to build a New Zealand made exciting designer yoga brand packed with technical intelligence, quality guarantees and beautiful original artworks from emerging artists. At that time I was teaching yoga full time and really struggled to find a brand of clothing which had both the right technical requirements and fashion appeal. I started small, testing fabrics, design and printing techniques. The local yoga studios loved what I was doing and began stocking Courage My Love. The rest is history! We now have a team and a brand that serves the yoga community in all the ways we set out to do in those early days.