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Courageous Freedom Legskin Tights
April 17, 2016
Gift Card — $50
November 11, 2017
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Gift Card — Flexible Value


Gift Card — Flexible Value

Is there someone you care about who you’d love to look and feel great in our designer activewear? Not sure which of our many fabulous designs they’d most appreciate?

Let them choose… and you’ll both be assured full satisfaction, knowing they’ve got the perfect gift from Courage My Love Clothing.

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Have you ever had that unpleasant feeling of having to give a present to someone, but not knowing what to buy?

A gift card makes life easier for both the person who buys the gift and the person who receives it.

Maybe you have thought about buying a present for someone on Courage My Love but couldn’t decide what to choose? You might worry about getting the size and style wrong, in which case inconvenient returns will have to made. Or even worse, what if the package doesn’t arrive in time for the occasion?

Now you can make hassle free and reliable gift card purchases with Courage My Love. It will be emailed to your recipient immediately, or on a date you choose.

No fuss, no worries — only pure joy to the lucky person who gets that gift card in their inbox!

Did you know a study by the Nielsen Norman Group (an American computer user interface and user experience consulting firm), on a sample of people who usually purchase on the internet, proved that when they receive a present they appreciate it more if it is in the form of a gift card?

Special Features

Select the amount

Our gift cards come in either set dollar value amounts or you can choose to enter your own amount should you have a specific gift in mind.

Select the date

Yes, you can even pick a date for when your gift card gets emailed to the recipient. No more embarrassing moments to live through by missing the date! Now you can plan in advance to have your special person feel treated on that very special day.

Decorate and personalise your gift card

Our gift cards can be presented with your own image, easily uploaded online, or choose a gorgeous image from our range of professional pics.

You can also write a personal message to put the cherry on top of a gift your special person will adore.

Ready to go for it?

What’s not to love about Courage My Love gift cards? In fact, if you have a special occasion coming up, you might want to suggest the idea to your friends and family, so you won’t get any gift disappointments!