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May 24, 2016
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Luscious Leopard Legskin Tights
April 17, 2016
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Mens Legskin Tights Westbank - Courage My Love

Mens Legskins ‘Westbank’

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  • Second skin, feather light breathable fabric
  • The lightest legging on the market
  • Designer fitness to fashion collection
  • Real artwork produced by our artists in residence
  • Individually handmade = no mass production
  • Won’t shrink or fade
  • Flat seams, printed labels guaranteed to last
  • They don’t move or twist on your body
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing & zero waste printing
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Legskin tights are our designer fashion collection made with 190gsm feather light moisture wicking fabric. These beauties are individually hand printed with real artwork produced by our artists in residence. They are then hand cut and sewn in our boutique design studio in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are proud of our zero waste, environmentally sustainable printing practices and we guarantee our workmanship. Legskin tights won’t shrink or fade and the seams and labels are guaranteed to last. Over years of research and development we have created the lightest legging on the market to support flexibility and endurance in extremely hot and sweaty conditions; ideal for Hot Yoga, Dance, Hiking and Pilates.  The designer artwork applied to the technical base gives you a garment you can wear for fashion, while never compromising function.

THE ‘WESTBANK’ LEGSKINS STORY – Eucalyptus leaves, iron and merino wool

For two summers I rented a studio in Marahau, near the Able Tasman National Park. I felt like I was living someone else’s awesome dream. Bellbirds and Tui’s swooped under the eaves of my studio, my work table overlooked native bush, I swam and sailed and walked and drank and danced and made friends. When I knew a return to Christchurch was inevitable, I loaded up with leaves from the trees I had come to know, love and rely on. The colour in these legskins has been steamed from the leaves of a mighty old Eucalyptus tree on the Motueka Westbank Rd.

It’s impossible for me to look at any of the work I’ve done with these plants without remembering all the things I loved about my life in that neighborhood. So, you’re not just wearing an artwork, you are wearing a memory.

Enjoy making awesome memories of your own, with love, Briar – Artist

1 review for Mens Legskins ‘Westbank’

  1. Hassan

    Amazing for more than you would think! Yoga, trail running and Jiu Jitsu. Great moisture wicking properties means I don’t have to towel my legs down during a hot yoga class and I am kept cool on runs. Used a few times a week for almost a year and no change to the legskins at all. Highly recommended!

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