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Method: Spray Pain and Stencils

Artist: Flox

Artist Quote:

LL legskin for design story

Being in Taipei, Taiwan allowed Flox to immerse herself in a new culture, lifestyle, and way of life. Taiwan’s diverse flora and fauna impressed her, with a particular fascination on its, now extinct, Cloud Leopard. Its confidence and sass were a perfect combination to create art and ultimately become a Courage My Love design called, Luscious Leopard. Wearing the legskins easily exudes the admirable traits of the cloud leopard. Even better, it sends an important reminder of caring for our natural environment.

Persephone Singfield, Founder and Director of Courage My Love clothing, first saw Flox’s work in a street art exhibition. She was drawn to the artist’s large installation of flora and fauna. Persephone introduced Courage My Love legskins to her. The idea of seeing art printed on clothing excited Flox.


Flox’s artist residency in Taiwan was easily the inspiration for the Luscious Leopard design. They worked on perfecting the balance of colorful orchids and the cloud leopard. Moving forward, Persephone wanted to bring out more of the leopard print in the design. This inspired Flox to create a totally separate artwork which became the design for the second leg on the legskin tights. What a difference a change in location makes!

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