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January 10, 2017
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February 9, 2017
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Connection at Wanderlust Lake Taupo

Persephone Singfield, Heart Director of Courage My Love Clothing | Connect at Wanderlust Lake taupo

Excited for Wanderlust Lake Taupo

Hey team, it’s nearing Wanderlust Lake Taupo time and I have to say I am SOOO excited about the festival this year. I met with my girl squad yesterday for a New Year catch up and we all shared our hearts and aspirations. (5 chics = 5hrs!)

I shared with them how I was going to Wanderlust this week and how excited I am about that.

Excited about the connection with the people.

Excited about swimming in the Waikato.

And excited about the YOGA!

Connect with Me to WIN!

Being my 5th Wanderlust, I am beginning to get the hang of it. This year I am placing ‘connection’ at the  front and centre of my intentions. If you see me at the festival, I’d love you come up and say hello (that’s me in the photo at the top of this post).

I love meeting people and am eager to make new friends. Courage My Love brings me so many experiences within the yoga world – it’s not just leggings, legskins tights and bra tops! Wanderlust Festival is a wonderful opportunity for me to enjoy the people who love the brand. Most of my days are spent at a desk or in meetings with my team, but this week is all about YOU.

I’ve got a backpack full of Courage My Love gifts and will be giving them away to the first courageous yoga friends who make their introductions while the supply lasts.

Connect with Others

Make the most of your festival by connecting with as many people as you can. We all get so open on a 4-day yoga journey.

From the 5 festivals I’ve attended, I can say it’s the relationships and connections that make it a deep experience. Those connections leave the festival with us. When the tents and teachers depart and the grounds empty, our hearts stay full with the new friendships we have grown in our shared space.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

With Courage and Love,


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