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September 13, 2016
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October 18, 2016
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[2 Days Only] Shop Designer Yoga Clothes in Person!

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See High Quality Designer Yoga Clothes in Person

Come see designer yoga clothes in person on October 8 and 9! We’re pleased to announce Courage My Love Heart Director, Persephone Singfield, will be in-house for two days only at True Food and Yoga in Mission Bay, Auckland. And while Persephone is an inspiring individual with fantastic stories of courage, the real reason you want to make your way to one of the niftiest yoga establishments in New Zealand is to get an up-close look at her collection of NZ-made, high quality yoga apparel by Courage My Love.

Everyone Welcome

Whether you’re curious about our high quality designer yoga clothes or already own some of our artist-designed pants and tops and would like to try on the new designs, we welcome you. This is also a great opportunity for you to learn more about the artists behind our designs as Persephone has worked with each of them individually and knows the design journey intimately for each Courage My Love creation.

True Food and Yoga

See Designer Yoga Clothes at True Food and YogaPerched at the base of the cliff overlooking the sparkling waters of Okahu Bay through gorgeous original arched windows, sits this exciting new venue for food and yoga. We are very excited to be hosted in this lush environment, brimming with good vibes and hope to see you over the weekend.

If you haven’t heard about True Food and Yoga, check out their website to learn more about this wellness centre focused on food and yoga.

“I first spotted Kelly at Wanderlust Festival wearing our Courageous Freedom Legskins and made a brief connection with her. Months later, I heard Kelly and Nic had opened True Food and Yoga so made my way to Mission Bay to check it all out.
The venue pulses with love the instant you enter the restaurant and it only gets better! Walking through to the Yoga reception and retail shop, I quickly observed how every detail in the design was carefully thought out. When I walked into the studio to meet Kelly I had to catch my breath with the layout and view. What impressed me most though, was Kelly and her clear eyes, ever present and fixed on me during our conversation where where she oozed authentic interest and warmth.
I had the pleasure of meeting Nic and knew instantly that this was a winning combination of yin and yang which would without a doubt anchor a beautiful energy with their offering in the bay.”
– Persephone Singfield, Heart Director

Come and enjoy one of many of the organic drinks on the menu (including Kamboucha on tap!) with a delicious meal and catch up with Persephone while she visits True Food and Yoga. Their menu is well worth a look!

Designer Yoga Clothes

Yes, there is such a thing! But Courage My Love designer yoga apparel is not just about the looks. Our range is as practical as it is fashionable and comes backed by our quality guarantee. To Courage My Love, producing designer clothing comes with great responsibility. We pride ourselves on offering high quality garments that are sustainably produced and offer the technical excellence your yoga practice deserves.

Pop Up Shop Details

What: pop up shop

Where: True Food and Yoga, Mission Bay, Auckland

When: Saturday, October 8, 8:30-4:30pm and Sunday, October 9, 11:30-7:00pm



  1. Amanda Wright says:

    I would love an address please for True Food and Yoga?

  2. This information is priceless. Where can I find out more?

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