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December 20, 2017
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January 19, 2018
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Design Story: HENNA TATTOO

design story featured image

Method: Ink on Paper Card

Artist: Ami Patel

Artist Quote:

When you have been doing art all your life, there may be times when you find yourself on a creativity plateau, not having enough new material to put out.  But that is certainly not the case for our Artist in Residence, Ami Patel, and her Henna Tattoo design.

Ami loved art and everything related to it as a child. Her drawings as a young girl in India eventually turned into a craft when she decided to become a henna artist – an essential element of her culture and heritage.Design Story blog

Henna is believed to bring good luck to its wearer. The ancient form of body art known as Mehendi is an important part of wedding traditions in India and the Middle East. The intricacies of every design speak not only of mysticism and glamour, but also of a woman’s perfect balance of softness and strength.

Courage My Love is extremely proud to bring Ami’s creation to life through our legskins and the entire Henna Tattoo line. Whether you are wearing the tops, bottoms, or both, it will make you feel tattooed while having them on and then easily slip off it afterwards. What’s more, you get to celebrate femininity and the rich culture of India and the Middle East.

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