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Outdoor Christmas Activities for the Kids

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Christmas Tree and KidsRemember what they say about Christmas being all about the children? That is quite true especially when the school holidays begin and you need to come up with creative ways to keep the kids entertained.

While the good ‘ol family tradition of decorating the Christmas tree is a great family bonding activity, there’s just so much you and the kids can do while at home. And so, we’ve rounded up a few outdoor ideas for you and the kids to enjoy while we all bask in the magic of the holidays.


Christmas Light Shows

Nothing entertains more than the Christmas light displays every street of New Zealand is decked with. Homes and establishments who get really creative not only put up Christmas lights, they make a show out of it. Kids would definitely have a grand time being awestruck by how these light displays twinkle and pick up everyone’s Christmas spirits.

Christmas Light Displays


Santa Parade

Who doesn’t love Santa, right? Santa parades are aplenty and the kids would definitely have a ball seeing the floats, bands, and marching girls. Who doesn’t want seeing Santa in his summer look? A definite delight for the kids!

Christmas Parade

Also, help the kids to be on Santa’s “Nice List” by taking them grocery shopping for Santa and his reindeers. Let them pick out the carrots for the reindeers and pineapple chunks for Santa.


Christmas Day BBQ

What is Christmas Day without the family Christmas BBQ? While food preparations can be done by the adults, kids can still participate. Ask them to set the table…be open to their quirky and fun table-setting ideas.

Christmas Day BBQ


Beach and Camping Trips

Since Christmas happens mid-summer in New Zealand, beach and camping trips are a hit among the kids. With so many water activities to choose from, bonding with the children should not be a challenge – from building sand castles to surfing, the possibilities are endless!

But if you’re one who loves to explore the great outdoors, a family camping trip should be exciting. Get the kids to help out build the tent (very outdoors, but why not!) or let them lead a hiking trip, with your adult guidance, of course. Make them in charge of some of the trip’s details…quite a teaching opportunity, but at least they’re outside the classrooms, right?

Beach trip for the family


The holidays can be an enjoyable time for the family to have loads of fun together. Have a great mix of stay-at-home and outdoor activities for kids and you’re well on your way to creating unforgettable Christmas memories.

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