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December 6, 2017
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I won my Bona Fides Legskin Tights and I love them: Product Review

Get yourself on a Courage My Love streak with some Bona Fides Legskin Tights after an awesome experience at the 20-Week Challenge. Rachel Hinks shares her workout experience while trying out her new gear.

Vibrant. Comfortable. Fun. Suitable for more than just yoga too!

Throughout winter, I took part in the 2017 20-Week challenge. As part of the challenge, we were invited to write about our stories of courage – read mine here.

I was very grateful to win a $200 voucher for some Courage My Love clothing for my story. I was blown away that I won this as I really did not think that my story of courage was anything compared to the other amazing stories I had read. An example of how not to compare yourself to others, and how your story is as awesome as the rest!

Fast forward a couple of months and I have now got my Courage My Love Legskin Tights. First thought, “Wow these are vibrant, fun and super soft”. It took me quite a while to decide which of the awesome designs to go for but in the end, I chose the ‘Bona Fides’ design legskin tights and sports bra. And I am really happy with my choice! The design really is beautiful.

Eager to get them on and try them out, I popped them on pretty much the minute I walked into my apartment. They are so, so soft and comfortable it almost felt like I had nothing on – my boyfriend commented that they are very flattering too. I found the sizing very true and accurate. I like to think this is down to them being hand-sewn (in Christchurch, NZ FYI) and not mass produced. (Read more about the Feather Light benefit of our Legskin Tights here.)

I had a workout planned for later on in the evening with some ladies from my gym and was keen to see how they were to workout in. A lot of posts I’ve seen about them are people doing yoga in them, not many handstands, burpees, squat jumps, etc. – which is what my work entailed.

When I arrived at the gym, I had lots of compliments on the Legskins and their design – and I mean who doesn’t like a compliment on your new shiny purchase!? Definitely started my work out on a high.

And the verdict is…

Well to be completely honest I didn’t even notice them which speaks for itself on how good they are and how comfortable they are. It has made me even more excited for my matching sports bra to arrive and I’ll let you know how I go with that on my Instagram page @rachhinks

Another feature I am intrigued to find out/test is the ‘non’ smelliness of them as they are made of such high-quality material. If you workout, you’ll know what I am talking about – that horrid ‘sweat’ smell that starts to linger in your clothing when you have worked out in them lots. Despite soaking them, washing them in a warm wash and hanging them outside to dry, it still lingers! Courage My Love did a blog on the other week saying how the material used in the garments is of such quality that this smell does not develop. Again I’ll be testing this out and putting the legskins through their paces so I really hope they do stay ‘sweat’ smell free!

I love to support anything not mass-produced and of a brand that is about quality and not just getting a product out there, Courage My Love is a prime example of this. There is so much care and quality put into the garments you can see it from the offset. I’m already eyeing up my next pair but just cannot decide on the design at the moment!

What is the 20 Week Challenge?

Courage My Love sponsors the 20 Week Challenge annually with a prize voucher for the lucky winner to buy themselves some great new activewear. The 2017 Challenge is in it’s last weeks and we are sharing some stories of the people who have spent the winter making change in their lives.

The 20 Week Challenge was created by Broni Mac who has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and won awards for her efforts.  Broni has used over 120 Personal Trainers, many of whom have been national Award Winners,  to deliver the programme and called upon a wealth of dietitians, nutritionists, mental conditioning coaches and movement specialists to contribute to the material. They’ve helped thousands of people to lose weight and that’s without even having a weight loss category in this transformation challenge! They believe that the road to being healthier and fitter should be fun, injury free and as easy as possible.

The Challenge is open to any adult who wants to make a change in their life regardless of your current level of fitness. Whether you are chasing more energy, less back pain, want to run 5km or a marathon, overcome an injury, learn to swim, quit smoking, sleep better or take up pole dancing, they’ve got your covered with some 25 categories in the Challenge.


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