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September 9, 2017
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Rachel Hinks: “Challenging my self-belief helped me to achieve 2000kms”

Have I done something or anything that has taken bravery? Rachel Hinks tells us her story of courage.

When I first read this request for stories of courage I immediately dismissed it in my head, but then something I have done throughout the 20-week challenge is to try and challenge myself with everything and especially with my thoughts and self-belief. Which led me to think about the word courage and what does it actually mean? By definition, Courage is “the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.” – Have I done something or anything that has taken bravery? It is so easy to dismiss ‘the small things’ and belittle all the things that you have achieved, by telling yourself someone else will have done better.

So here are 4 things that I have achieved over the last 18 weeks that have taken bravery.

stories of courage, loosing weight, body positive, love your body, body weightHaving a healthier relationship with myself

I got comfortable at jumping on the scales and not letting it affect my day, and telling myself there is more to that number. Up until the 20-week challenge I would never weigh myself and try and work by how tight/loose my clothes are, but having this healthier relationship with the number that comes back has given me the courage to step on up!

Having the courage to get on a road bike

I have had the courage to get on a road bike. Again something people do all the time but I would always look at them and think ‘my god it’s so light and thin, that’s just not safe’. However, having been cycling a lot over the 20 weeks to be able to achieve my target of doing 2000 km’s in the 20 Weeks I was confident on my mountain bike so it was time to get out of that comfort zone and challenge myself to progress – Today is only day 1 of commuting on it so I am still very nervous but am yet to fall off and am delving into my bravery! Next challenge is to get the proper clip in shoes and overcome that BHAG too!

Having the courage to run up hills

I have had the courage to run up hills, this is something I would always just say, ‘no not for me, I am not fit enough to do running up hill’. But do you know what I AM fit enough and I can do it! I might not go super-duper fast but I can do it. I’ve even gone as far as to add them into my 2017 exercise plan, so post 20-week challenge, so I can get quicker at going up them! Eeeek!

Christchurch, running, running groupStarting a running group

I have had the courage to run with faster people. I arrived in Christchurch in January and knew nobody, I wanted to lose some weight get in shape etc and let 2017 be MY year, so I started to run again. I had previously had a go at running at home (UK) and would do the run but not enjoy them and would always go on my own because of how unfit I was. I was embarrassed to run with other people as I knew I was slow and wouldn’t be able to talk due to being so puffed! However, as I needed to meet people in Christchurch, so I started posting on my gym Facebook page every Tuesday and would ask whoever to join me. I was open to the fact I was going to be slow but would just appreciate their company more for accountability if anything, despite asking for this company making me feel super nervous. There are some super speedy ladies at my gym that I was just in absolute awe of and would have fear if they said they were coming as I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But now several months later by sticking with my plan and my Tuesday morning runs with people of different abilities I can now keep up with those ladies AND talk whilst we run!

So yeah, I have been brave and put myself out there, and what is more exciting is that by doing it has given me, even more, courage to follow all the other things I want to do. <3

Rachel Hinks
Follow Rachel and here ongoing active life on her Facebook Page

What is the 20 Week Challenge?

Courage My Love sponsors the 20 Week Challenge annually with a prize voucher for the lucky winner to buy themselves some great new activewear. The 2017 Challenge is in it’s last weeks and we are sharing some stories of the people who have spent the winter making change in their lives.

The 20 Week Challenge was created by Broni Mac who has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and won awards for her efforts.  Broni has used over 120 Personal Trainers, many of whom have been national Award Winners,  to deliver the programme and called upon a wealth of dietitians, nutritionists, mental conditioning coaches and movement specialists to contribute to the material. They’ve helped thousands of people to lose weight and that’s without even having a weight loss category in this transformation challenge! They believe that the road to being healthier and fitter should be fun, injury free and as easy as possible.

The Challenge is open to any adult who wants to make a change in their life regardless of your current level of fitness. Whether you are chasing more energy, less back pain, want to run 5km or a marathon, overcome an injury, learn to swim, quit smoking, sleep better or take up pole dancing, they’ve got your covered with some 25 categories in the Challenge.

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