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Flat Seams: A Key Feature of Premium Activewear
November 30, 2016
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Activewear Designed for All Shapes and Sizes
November 30, 2016
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Double Fold Waistband

Double Fold-Over Waistband - Courage My Love

Double Fold Waistband Benefits

Courage My Love’s double fold-over waistband is a key feature of our Legskin tights. We design and manufacture our yoga pants and fashion leggings with this technical feature to provide comfort and support during your activity.

Our waistbands have two features that:

• Help support your belly (we all have bellies!)
• Stay well placed on the body during movement
• Minimize the appearance of a ‘muffin top’
• Have the flexibility to be worn in two fashionable ways

Waistband Feature #1: Doubled Fabric

Our waistband is doubled with fabric and has a narrow smooth edge elastic stitched into the top. This keeps the waistband firmly in place without the discomfort of being squeezed by a wide elastic that leaves unsightly impression marks on your skin.

The doubled fabric gives a soft feel but a firm support around the lower belly. The narrow smooth edge elastic keeps the waistband in place and removes the unfavorable ‘muffin top’.

Waistband Feature #2: Fold-Over

Our waistband is made to fold-over. This features enables you to customize your coverage and style for a flattering fit and pure comfort each time you stretch, twist or bend.

Some women prefer to fold the top down on their tights and leggings so the waistband sits on their hip bones instead of their waist. We also print the inside of the waistband so the art is continuous should you choose to wear our yoga pants in the folded-down fashion.

A Popular Style

Yoga pants, leggings and tights are comfortable, flattering and have become a staple of many women’s wardrobes. Women wear yoga pants for more than just yoga class.

Nobody wants rough seams digging into her thighs and cutting off circulation when on a road trip. While comfort is important, nobody wants to be in public wearing baggy sweatpants. Our designer yoga pants are lightweight enough to be comfortable, with soft fabric that does not bind. They are also stunning artworks which are infinitely less embarrassing to be seen wearing in public than oversized sweatpants.


Higher Cut Across the Back

When exercising, it is important to have confidence that your activewear will support the rigors of your your physical activity. Yoga is one form of movement that requires plenty of squatting, forward bending and lunging.

There’s nothing like moving into a deep squat and feeling your hips flexors stretch into a nice hip opener whilst being anxious that you’re giving the person behind you an unwelcomed eyeful of… well, your crack.


Say No to Crack

No one wants plumber’s butt on the gym floor either. Our design team is motivated by creating the ultimate technical Legskin tights that are hard wearing and functional as well as beautiful artworks.

To be truly fit-for-purpose, a good pair of leggings must keep you covered in even the lowest squat. This is an absolute requirement for activewear bottoms in our opinion and you can trust Courage My Love to do just that.

In fact, one of our design features is helping Courage My Love Legskins gain a reputation as squat proof apparel. And it’s quite simple: we cut our Legskin tights higher up the back so you’ll never show your crack.

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